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cutting-edge dispensary solution

HealthPoint it’s the next generation of dispensing tool, distributing medications in medicine cups for immediate use.

The device works reliably with all types and shapes of medications. Each HealthPoint holds up to 30 modules and can be easily expanded. Important information about specific products is prepared in a simplified way to educate patients about the proper use of medication. Materials are adapted to be understood easily and include among others, contraindications and drug interaction warnings. The full medical leaflet is also available within the touch of a button.

Customers can pay for products using the credit card, mobile payments or using our specially designed app. Dosages are rationed out in disposable medicine cups so they can be taken immediately.

HealthPoints are allocated among pharmacies, offices, schools and other public places, to simplify the process of delivering the most popular products to the customers.

How it works?
dr poket web platform

More than being just a dispensary, our smart device is connected to our custom, tailor-made web platform that presents customers with detailed information about all drug contraindications and precautions and even  checks for possible dangerous interactions with other medications the patient may be taking.

Healthpoint It is a self-sales network enabling previously unattainable savings in distribution costs, providing you with all information on your devices and their stock levels and even the condition of the device itself.

At the same time, our powerful analytic tool it is the source of priceless data about your customers and their medicine taking needs.


Using our dr Poket app, customers can manage their medical treatments in a detailed manner. The app helps to measure and schedule doses and track treatment progress. This function is also available to doctors and caregivers, who could be granted access to remotely control their patients' therapy process. This includes the scheduling, monitoring, and even the restriction of buying additional drugs.

The dr Poket app could also locate nearby devices granting customers around the clock access to treatment, which would solve common inconveniences faced in fast-paced environments such as airports, hotels, groceries, and offices.

Additionally, dr Poket facilitates hassle-free payment methods in our HealthPoint devices making access even easier.


HealthPoint it is the solution, that brings benefits to both, our partners and the end users.

Customers using our devices significantly improve their safety in the field of taking medicines. Additionally, the purchase process itself has never been easier.

At the same time, our partners, in addition to selling and locating products, can gather very important data such as meds adherence, the popularity of products, devices' locations, or patients wellbeing. Setting up marketing campaigns or educational content on devices’ screens is available and very intuitive.

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