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All about taking care.

You, your family and your physician connected together through dr Poket - Telemedicine solution that helps to take the right drug in the right dosage at the right time - every time.

up now 148,886 meds have been administered with the help of dr Poket!
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Thanks to dr Poket you will never forget to take medication. Via phone, tablet, or electronic meds dispenser you will be informed to take appropriate dose at the right time.


Dr Poket provides direct communication between the patients and their caregivers. At any time, you can verify whether your loved ones take prescribed medications and if not - react quickly.


The system informs you about possible negative effects of the interactions between drugs. You can also check how medicine can affect your driving skills or if it might be used during a pregnancy and breastfeeding. Interactions with alcohol are just as easy to check.


You have access to your account via any device connected to the Internet. The Management Board of your home health care center. Verify meds intake, check statistics or let your doctor do it for you. All your medical data travelling with you wherever you go.


Versatile medication organizer in your smartphone. It reminds you when it is time for your meds and provides live communication between caregivers and patients. Finally it warns you about possible negative effects of your meds interacting.


An electronic pills dispenser. It is a countertop device, made to simplify delivering the meds. When the time comes, PillBox notifies the user and dispenses right medicine. All that is left is for the user is to swallow pills. Read more...


Check our free apps! Using the barcode scanner you can find how particular medicine can affect your driving skills, your pregnancy, breastfeeding or how it interacts with alcohol.


  • "Despite healthcare being a higly regulated industry, every now and then an interesting innovation gets traction. The dr Poket platform is an example of this."

    Ben Kepes, Computerworld

  • "The most crucial feature is the ability of medical practioners, including doctors or clinics, to monitor patient compliance and enable them to make informed decisions for the course of treatment"

    Leo Lutero, PSFK

  • "Looks like a great initiative"

    Rafael Grossmann, MD surgeon

    Performed world's first surgery with Google Glass


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